Academic Requirements


The instructor will establish assessment criteria for each program. Marks will come from quizzes, homework, class marks, assignments, projects, reports, tests, and examinations. It is at the discretion of instructors how to weigh each of these items.

The pass mark in all courses is 60%. Each student will receive an outline of the assessment criteria for each module they are taking. The instructor of the particular module will distribute these. Each student will receive a syllabus of course content on the first day of class. These will be designed and distributed by instructors.


All graduates of Success College receive a diploma upon program completion. To graduate, a student must:

  • Achieve a passing grade of 60% in all subjects
  • Successfully complete their field training
  • Have their tuition paid in full
  • Have a minimum of 85% attendance
  • Pass all required certifications


To receive an honours diploma, a student must have achieved:

  • High Honours (95% average with no mark lower than 90%)
  • Honours (Student must have passed all modules with a mark of 85% or greater)


A student may not start field training until after completion of the required theory portion of their program. The field training must be completed to an employer’s satisfaction.

  • A student cannot participate in field training unless the following requirements are fulfilled:
  • Tuition must be paid in full
  • Required certifications successfully completed
  • Have a minimum of 85% attendance


In the event of a failed module, a supplementary exam may be written with the following restrictions:

Each student may write a supplementary in two modules only The final mark on a supplementary will be a maximum of 60% All other requirements for that module (i.e., projects, assignments, etc.) must be completed The student must display professional conduct through-out the academic year. No supplementary exam will be given for physical fitness and self-defense.


Official transcript of marks will be issued upon successful completion of theory and practicum. Extra, or replacement, transcripts are available at a cost of $25.00 to be received in advance.

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