College Regulations


Academic honesty and integrity are highly valued at Success College. These qualities are deemed essential to students as both learners and potential members of their chosen occupations. The College considers academic dishonesty to be serious and will be dealt with as outlined in the Student Policies.


To graduate, students will need a minimum of 85% attendance in their program. If students are absent for a class, it is their responsibility to arrange for the make-up of any work, assignments and tests missed before the next class. The instructor will not re-teach any work missed during class time.


Success College is proud to promote one professional day per week. On the other four days of the week, students are required to dress business casual.


Discrimination of individuals or groups by other students will not be tolerated. This includes discrimination on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability. Any student who perceives a situation of discrimination by any member of the staff or student body should speak to administration immediately.


Sexual harassment is expressly forbidden. Instances of harassment include but are not limited to:

  • Unwanted comments or conduct of a sexual nature
  • Unwanted or unwelcome suggestions or gestures of a sexual nature
  • Any suggestion associated with reward, reprisal or denial of opportunity
  • Creation of an intimidating, threatening and/or hostile environment

Any student who perceives they are being sexually harassed should speak to administration immediately. Student Policies for Success College include a Sexual Harassment Policy that is followed.


The consumption and/or provision of illegal drugs or alcohol on Success College property or while participating in any Success College program, is strictly forbidden. Any student proven to be under the influence of such intoxicants and/or violating this policy will be disciplined appropriately.


By orders of the Fire Marshall, Success College campuses are non-smoking facilities. The Fire Marshall has permitted one area outside the building at each campus for smoking. Please check for the signs, which are posted, or speak with administration. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all other areas at each Campus of Success College.


Injury or damage, or threat of injury or damage, to person or campus property will result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary action will also arise in cases where a student fails to comply with appropriate safety measures as identified to the student by Success College staff and/or required by law. Disciplinary action will be taken if injury or damage (or threats thereof), or failure to comply with safety measures is proven.


All labs are open Monday to Friday during office hours. Students requiring extra time in the lab must have permission and supervision of a college faculty member. For rules and regulations regarding the Labs see the Success College Lab Student Policies.

Success College is a Scent Reduced Environment.

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